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Making a Will is Easy With Our Online Will Service

Making a Will is Easy Regardless of Your Status

Making a Will is Easy With our Service

Types of Wills

Single Wills

Make a Will just for you, regardless of your relationship status. A single Will is not limited to single people. One can write a single Will if they are in a relationship or are married.

If your partner already has a Will or their wishes differ from yours, then a single Will may be your best option.

Mirror Wills

Make a Will with someone else who has similar wishes to yours. Mirror wills are virtually identical wills where one person in a couple leaves their estate to the other in the event of their passing away eg between spouses, When one of them dies, the other is protected, and upon the second death, the children inherit.

Trust Wills

Make a Will with more flexibility and protections for your assets.

Trust arrangements provide for the transfer of assets from their owner to a trustee.

The trustee is obligated to handle the trust assets in accordance with the terms of the trust document and solely in the best interests of the beneficiaries.

Choose a Will - Fill a Questionnaire & Book a Review Session

Our 3 types of wills cater for all your personal circumstances.

Fill out the Online Questionnaire. Thereafter, please select the will that works for you - Trust / Mirror / Single - to book a session with us to discuss it.

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